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English Intensive Seminars and Workshops—compact and effective

Besides improving one’s English on a work level, it is also important to strengthen one’s social and personal skills as it is these soft-skills that help pave the way to success.

For this reason, our English language seminars dynamically combine language training, communication training and intercultural awareness.

With this perfect package, you can strategically improve your language skills and competence.

Open seminars 2015:

Effective presentations, 2 March 2015

Effective negotiations, 20 April 2015

Honest communication for maximum results, 29 June 2015

Effective Office Communication, 12 October 2015

English for Customer Service, 16 November 2015

From our Business English Program:

Telephoning with confidence

Successful in English Small Talk

Practise makes Perfect

Taking part in Trade Fairs

Department Specific and Technical English

From our Language and Communication Program:

Effective Office Communication

Professional Customer Service

Language and Communication for HR Assistants

Language and Communication for HR Managers

Making Meetings Effective

Negotiating with confidence

Presenting in English—Making it Memorable

How to Convince People Effectively

Mastering Conference Calls

From our Intercultural Training Program:

Successful E-mail Communication: Different Countries, Different Customs

International Communication—Language and Culture

Effective International Presentations

Doing Business in the USA and Canada—Language and Culture


Culture and Country Specific Training: Interactive Seminar with experienced country experts