eLearning by Independent Learning

We at O’CONNOR offer needs-based eLearning with the help of our eLearning partners, to meet your personal needs.

These unique eLearning platforms will give you the possibility to improve your foreign language communication with independent learning. Our resources are matched to your level and topics of interest to motivate and encourage you, every day of the week.

Be it just eLearning or a combination of telephoning, live online or classroom training you will continually improve your language skills and achieve your goals.


• Maximum flexibility and mobilty
• Available worldwide, at any time
• Ove 1,500 current, real-world German Videos and articles
• 3,400 technical and specialist German How To’s
• A wide range of grammar and vocabulary modules
• Task are sorted according to level
• Every module has a vocabulary, idioms and quizzes section to test your progress
• Training paths
• Works without software installation. Most features are available as Apps.

How Things Work

• Online level test to assure optimal placement
• Personal introduction within 2-3 business days
• In our blended learning package, your trainer will give you specific tasks and will support you with a variety of pointers, feedback and exercises
• Unlimited independent learning, around the clock
• You will also receive a participation certificate on completion