English for HR Professionals – A Fierce Approach to Managing Conflict

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Überzeugend und kompetent bei englischen HR-Themen

HR-Mitarbeiter aller Ebenen, die in ihrem Fachbereich auf Englisch kommunizieren und agieren müssen und dabei
überzeugend und sicher auftreten möchten.

Programm und Themen

Mittwoch, den 27. Mai 2020 – 9:00 – 10:30 – A Fierce Approach to Managing Conflict

Die Workshop-Sprache ist Englisch

A Fierce Approach to Managing Conflict
Do you find it difficult to deal with conflict at work? Susan Scott, former CEO and author of the best-selling book
“Fierce Conversation”, is a passionate advocate of open, honest and authentic communication to drive effective
collaboration in today’s international professional environment. In this session Bob Dignen explores Susan’s Scott’s
core ideas, and provides you with the opportunity to practice using her model of the Confrontation Conversation,
a simply yet powerful tool which enables you to engage with tough challenges in a framework which preserves
relationships and builds trust.

Start Time

9:00 am

27 May 2020

Finish Time

10:30 am

27 May 2020



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