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Master new challenges fast

Many German companies require expertise from foreign countries. With O’CONNOR, you will not only learn theoretical German but also gain practical and goal-oriented skills.

We will analyse your level of fluency and your needs in detail and work on improving your language skills, targeting the most important areas. Do you struggle with grammar or need specific vocabulary and idioms in German? With O’CONNOR, you will learn and practice German in practical situations so that you can use that knowledge at the workplace and in your daily life.

In-Company Training

Live Online Training


Training format

After conducting a personalised needs analysis, we will work together with participants to set training goals. You can then choose the training format best suited to your needs and availability. A combination of different formats has proven to be most effective:
In-company training
• Training at the workplace
• Technical and specialist training
• Telephone training
E-learning, Blended learning
Virtual training
• Intensive training and workshops

Training content

Content can include:
• Broadening vocabulary in specific topics
• Expanding the grammar you know and learning new grammar
• Understanding and using phrases and idioms
• Personalised practice in pronunciation
• Improving listening and reading skills
• German for private and working life
• Specific work-related language
• Communication training, e.g telephoning with confidence, emailing, fluency in meetings, presentations, and negotiations
• Preparation for naturalisation test or test for application for permanent residence
• Intercultural aspect of living and working in Germany and the region of Ulm